Total Soccer Betting Ban

“The restrictions are fairly limited at the moment,” said Triesman.

“They need to be more widespread and very clear. Anybody who is involved in football shouldn’t bet on football, including me.

“There’s always a risk to the quality and integrity of the competition if you have no real control of the key gambling issues. Gambling has always been a threat to all sports and it remains a threat.”

Triesman stated that suspicious betting on football in England was not an ‘acute problem’. However, he revealed that Europe’s UEFA governing body was investigating 40 incidents of suspected match-fixing, mainly from the early stages of the Champions League and Europa League involving Eastern European clubs.

“You’ve got to have a proper restriction on who is and who isn’t allowed to bet and I take a rather harder view than other people do,” said Triesman.

“I may be wrong but I say have a simple rule; have one which you really can’t make a mistake about.”

The new rules would see any Premier League player or manager restricted from betting on any soccer match even if they didn’t have any vested interest in the game.

“You could say that’s a bit restrictive,” said Triesman.

“After all, somebody who could perceivably not have an involvement in a game, why should you stop them getting involved in a bit of gambling? But the rules need to be specifically clear so that anybody, everybody, couldn’t really mistake what the rule is.”

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